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by Adam Nitti

© Copyright - Adam Nitti / Renaissance Man Records (712241091326)

Adam Nitti's 3rd album release. High energy instrumental music. Futuristic fusion of jazz, funk, and rock with lots of variety. Appealing to both music listeners and players, alike. Features Dave Weckl (drums), Jeff Sipe (drums), Tom Knight (drums), Forrest Robinson (drums), Dwayne Holloway (drums), Shane Theriot (guitars), Bill Hart (guitars), Steve Cunningham (guitars), J Nitti (programming), DeSean (vocals), Colette C.C. Coward (keys), Randy Hoexter (keys), Ike Stubblefield (Hammond B3), Phil Davis (keys)

Genre: Jazz: Jazz Fusion

Release Date: 2001

Adam Nitti - Evidence - Digital Album

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